The 3 Week DietThe 3 week diet plan is a scientific weight loss program that has been around for quite some time. If well implemented, this program can help one to lose up to 23 lbs of weight in a record 3 weeks. Brian Flatts is the originator of this incredible program. He has extensive knowledge in nutrition and experience as a physical trainer for many years. Using his plan, you can shake off the excess fat and put on muscle. The program involves both physical exercises (workouts) and good dieting to achieve the best results. Remember that your mind-set and the motivation to attain the best results are key to a successful 3-week program.

What is Involved in the 3 Week Diet Plan?

3weekIt is a guided dietary plan designed to help those looking to cut their stubborn fat by amending their diet. According to Brian, users of this program can lose up to 20 lbs of excess body weight in just 21 days. However, this strict dieting regimen can be easy to adapt to. The good news is that it does not take a lot of time from your busy schedule like the gym.

After a comprehensive research that took about 12 years, Brian, a renowned sports nutritionist and health coach, says that this scientific approach to weight loss can help you achieve that slimmer you that you have been waiting anxiously.

Getting Started with the 3-Week Diet System

Getting started with this program is not difficult. The first step to appreciate that you need to lose excess fat that makes you dislike your body size. You will need to enroll by paying a small fee online before downloading the manuals and other resources that will guide you throughout the journey to a leaner body. You will need to calculate your individual diet schedule. The next step will need to read all the four manuals to help you develop a workable nutrition and workout plan that suits you. You will need to start implementing the plan in a systematic manner as per the user guides.

The purpose of this special diet plan is to enable your body keep the already present fat for the generation of the energy that your body needs during metabolism. The next thing is to starve your body of additional fat. This will cause the existing fat to burn to energize the heart and the liver plus other key organs.



Is the Program Safe?

This three-week plan is safe and scientifically proven to guarantee a stress-free way of losing excess weight. Many people who used this plan have recorded positive results and have been able to lose between 10 to 20 lbs of excess weight. Brian Flatts has carefully designed this program into four phases of elaborate training. Here are the phases that you will need to accomplish.

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Phase #1: Detoxification

This phase is designed for those who are disturbed by excess body fat. Users of the plan can go through the guides of this phase to lose a lot of weight. Many people who tried this phase lost up to 15 lbs at the end of the detox phase. This phase focuses on the liver as the critical organ concerned with pumping of fat. Brian recommends that a person should take lots of Vitamins A, C and D since they are good detoxifiers of the liver, they increase the sensitivity of insulin. These vitamins are also god at scaling up the fat burning process in the body. This diet plan recommends 17 types of vegetables and six protein sources. Those using this plan should follow the instructions of this phase for 7 days.

Phase #2:  Fasting for 24 hrs

After successfully completing the detoxification phase, you will need to move to the next stage, which is fasting. This involves fasting from the last meal of the last day of phase 1 until dinner of the eighth day. This phase enables your body to burn fat. It also detoxifies the liver and other critical organs that facilitate the burning of excess fat. After the eighth day, you have the liberty to eat any meal that you like. However, the amount of carbohydrates you take must be within recommended levels.

Phase #3: Fat Fast

This phases starts on the 9th day and continues through up to the 11th day. It is meant to check the efficiency of the liver in burning fat stored in the belly and the hip area. After the second phase, your body naturally begins to yearn for fats a scenario that will cause your liver to start consuming fat for metabolic requirements such as to generate energy for the muscles.

Phase #4: Your Unique BMR

This is the last phase of the program and starts on the 12th day and continues for 9 days. During this phase, users can take in small amounts of calories depending on their BMR and weight loss goals. Here, you need to determine your BMR and the required calorie intake in order to achieve a lean look.